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Know Thy Self….and Adjust as Needed

Personal development is, well, personal. BUT, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ways I work to make improvements in my life and my “why” for being passionate about daily personal development. I feel it is very important to know who you are, then adjust the rough edges as you go.

First, my “why”.

My personal development story is long and arduous and ever evolving.  I would say my desire to continuously work on myself began with my passion for reading as a child.  I have always loved to get lost in a book. I loved all genres, but my favorite was biographies. I loved (and still do) to read about interesting people in history and see if I could figure out what made them extraordinary or successful. I would take the lessons I felt I could apply to my own life and I would implement them in my own way.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I was creating personal development programs without even knowing what “personal development” was.

As a student of sociology, people are fascinating to me! I love to learn how the brain works and why people act and react the way they do. I love to read about and learn how to implement ways to change habits and strengthen relationships and I apply everything I learn to my own life because I know there is much improvement that can happen within my own little world.

So, now that you my “why” let me share the “how”.

happierI am an avid listener to several podcasts. My favorite for habits and life is “Happier with Gretchen Rubin”. This podcast was created by the author of The Happiness Project, also one of my favorite books.  Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth Craft talk about “try this at home” ways to better your habits and give themselves weekly “gold stars” and “demerits” based on what makes them happier.

Another podcast I love is “Radical Candor”. Co-hosts Kim Scott and Russ Laraway discuss how using candor in the workplace is actually a kind and productive way to build teams that are cohesive and communicative. Although meant to be a podcast dealing with leadership in the workplace, the concepts discussed also work in several areas of life. Plus – I love the tagline: How not to hate the boss you have or be the boss you hate. You really can sub so many other words for “boss” in this sentence.

Along with podcasts, I love to find uplifting and teaching books on different areas of life.  Although reading is one of my favorite things, I find my time is so limited often and that enjoyment goes to the bottom of the list.  To still get my book-time in, I listen to books on tape the majority of the time.  My current playlist is 50 Ways to Yay!, The Confidence Code, and Daring Greatly. Each of these books are found on Audible and are ones you will go back to often.

When do I listen to books on tape? When I drive, when I’m making dinner, on my lunch break at work, when I walk around Costco – whenever I can.  I download one book at a time to my phone and listen to it whenever I can.

Find the time in your life to work on YOU. Do you want to learn to cook? Get a book or watch videos. Do you want to develop better habits? Listen to a podcast. Take the time to work on those things that make you happy and feel nurtured.  You deserve it.


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