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The Joy of Sisterhood

I was raised by strong women. Women who not only went through incredible trials and difficulty, but who taught me the beauty of resiliency and the strength of sisterhood.  They taught me to lean on other women when I needed to and to be a shoulder to lean on. They taught me to work hard and find my confidence in my strong mind and my spunk.  Even before “leaning in” was a thing, I had my “lean in circle” of the strong Franklin women I was gifted in this life.

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I am now blessed to have a tribe of women around me who are curators of “the sisterhood”. These women rally together and look for ways to support the efforts of each other and of all other women.  Some of these women do not know each other – yet they are sisters. I have found great joy in weaving a rich tapestry of women colleagues, friends, mentors, and heroes in my life.  These women inspire me each day to be better, to do better, and to lead better.

Every woman I meet becomes a part of my tribe. I have learned something from every single woman I have ever meant. Admittedly, sometimes I learn a hard or unpleasant lesson. But, even at those times, I am grateful for the experience. I truly believe everyone has a story – one that is important and needs to be heard. I work hard to find common ground with all women because it’s there. Sometimes it takes a lot of digging to find it, but it’s always there.  As women, there are things uniquely similar to all of our experience no matter where we grew up or how.  We have some of the same struggles, same hopes, same fears. Nothing can connect you to another woman more than seeking those things that allow you to say “I’ve been there”.

My advice to women is to “find your tribe, and love them hard”. There is a special kind of joy that only comes from the sisterhood women share.  Find inspiring women and learn from them. Become active in groups, cohorts, clubs, and communities of women who share your interests and goals, but also seek out those with differing opinions and experiences and learn to find the common ground.  Most of all, learn to mentor others. There is great joy to be found in building up other women and cheering them on!


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