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For a minute there, I lost myself….

True. For a minute, there, I DID lose myself. Ok….actually, it wasn’t a minute. It was more like a year.


I am at least “looking” for myself, and that’s a start.


The last week of December was spent in many moments of self-reflection.  Decisions are choices – one has the power to always choose how life will be. Yes, often times things out of our control occur, but WE get to decide how to react and whether or not we confront our struggles. This week, I took action and chose to make some changes that I hope will bring more joy into my life.  Today, I acted on one of those choices – to take my body back – and it was JOYOUS!


I have committed to a month of Barre3 workouts. Barre3 is a combination of ballet, Pilates, yoga, strength training, and mindfulness.  For me, this is the perfect combination.  I truly believe the main element of wellness is connecting your body and your mind – Barre3 is built on this foundational practice. For the next 30 days, I have committed to 5 workouts each week and eliminating processed food. If this sounds inviting to you, as well, you can learn more about B3 All In on Barre3’s website.

My joy this week came not only from moving my body in a way that I know will strengthen it, but in making the choice to act and then putting that decision into motion.  There is something fulfilling about taking action – a sense of accomplishment and the power to take that action again is a great recipe for happiness.




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